Let Freeway Warehouse customize your turn-key supply chain solution. Our team has the experience and training to process your goods and materials on time, securely, and safely. Our services include non-asset freight management, asset-based LTL and truckload, and freight brokerage.

We own and operate Sterns Trucking Company, a DOT-licensed carrier, for import and export, truckload, and LTL, servicing the NJ-NY-PA metro area. With a competitive rate structure, Sterns transports exclusively for Freeway customers. We have oversize-overweight specialized equipment for large shipments and can accommodate special needs for food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Trans-load and cross-dock services are available.

Daily service to and from Freeway Warehouse is provided by all common and contract carriers, package goods, couriers, and air freight companies to optimize your back haul rates. Rail service is available on our siding with CSX.


  • Your Shipments are Safe

    Our trained and certified drivers meet all regulations for DOT, ICC, FFRM, and RSPA. They have HazMat licenses and comprehensive insurance coverage, and are trained with Home Land Security measures. We require them to be in constant communication and assure on-time delivery.

  • We Help Limit Your Liability and Risk

    Freeway Warehouse will help your company obtain the best discounts predicated on the volume of freight moving through our facilities. We will oversee carriers’ adherence to strict standard operating procedures, including positive proof of valid identification, licenses, ERG, and coded information on shipments from our locations.

  • Exclusive Access to Multimodal Services

    Our strategic alliances with carriers and logistics providers allows us to share those advantages with you when you transport your goods and materials through our services. We can facilitate all your transportation needs: truck, air, rail, ocean, intermodal, port, and rail drayage.

  • We’ll Help You Deliver On Time to All Locations

    With local and nationwide trucking services at your disposal, you can be assured of same-day delivery, standard expedited one-to-five day LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) service, coast-to-coast service to Canada, Mexico and the entire Pacific Rim, along with airfreight and dedicated urgent ground delivery services.

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