Ten buildings on twenty acres located two miles from I-195 with rail access are included in the highly specialized facilities of Freeway Warehouse, giving us the flexibility to configure buildings with segregated and isolated storage options for all types of commodities.

Our team can customize your warehousing, distribution, and transportation solutions, including requirements for double deep high cube racking, high density sprinkler systems, isolated hazardous materials, or food grade materials.

Freeway Warehouse facilities include thirty loading dock doors and a fleet of specialized material handling equipment: explosion proof electric forklifts, double deep high reach lifts, heavy lift outdoor equipment, and slip sheet machines.


Freeway Warehouse specializes in hazardous materials. Our facilities have been designed with a single point of discharge containing all potential spills on site. No catastrophic event would ever enter the waterway or ground off-premises. Interior and exterior diking prevents spills and leaks from discharging. Adequate supplies of compatible recovery drums, over packs, and spill control materials are maintained on-site. We stock all necessary personal protective equipment, as well as explosion proof hood systems, to respond to hazardous material clean up. A segregated building is dedicated to store hazardous waste for disposal.

All materials are stored according to segregation tables and isolation standards. Employees are trained on an annual basis in DOT, OSHA, EPA, FFRM, and Home Land Security, as well as first responder level, IATA, ICAO, and IMDG.

  • SAFE

    • Specialist OSHA Forklift Certified
    • Flammables storage
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical allocated spaces
    • Backup generators

    • Facility security camera with video surveillance
    • Central station alarmed and monitored
    • 24-hour central station monitored
    • Hard wired alarms at all exits
    • Enhanced security is double redundant with battery back ups as well as radio communications. This compliments our on site 24 hour security personnel and video surveillance.

    • Temperature controlled
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Fusible link doors
    • Smoke detectors and interior trapping devices
    • Pest control and insect control measures are in place with inspection and certification by an outside contractor

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